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Semicast publishes reports on ADAS & Automotive Vision-based Driver Monitoring Systems and Industrial Electronics. Payment for all reports can be made by wire transfer or purchase order.


  • Title Publication Description Price Brochure
    World Market for ADAS & Automotive Vision-based Driver Monitoring Systems (2022 Edition) November 2021 - 74 pages Analysis of global and regional trends with forecasts to 2028 $9250 1368983722_pdf
    Tactical Analysis of the World Industrial/Medical Electronics Market & Supply Chain (2018 Edition) June 2018 - 156 pages Analysis of the world industrial/medical electronics market, providing coverage of end-equipment revenues, system prices and manufacturer market share estimates. Forecasts to 2023; market shares in 2017. $9995 1368983722_pdf
    Industrial/Medical Semiconductor Forecast (2018 Edition) July 2018 - 159 pages Analysis of the semiconductor market in 130 industrial and medical equipment types. Semiconductor segmentation provided into 18 product categories. Forecasts to 2023. $9995 1368983722_pdf
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